Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 review: Far more fun than your boring old smartphone

In the case of the Flip, Samsung’s phone folds upwards, giving a 6.7-inch screen when open. It also has a small 1.1-inch secondary screen when it is closed, a Cover Screen, that shows notifications or active apps such as music streaming or calendar updates.

Other models, such as Samsung’s Z Fold 3, which also launched this month, fold outwards like a book. They are closer to a tablet that can be tucked away. For those seeking a smartphone replacement, I think the Flip is the best bet. It is also substantially cheaper given the Fold starts at £1,599.

What’s new?

Samsung has refined its design so that when you want to use the Flip as a regular phone it can keep up with its main rivals. There’s a refreshed design with a glass front and new colours in cream, lavender, green, black, grey white and light pink.

When it is unfolded, the Flip operates pretty much as normal, with a dual rear camera and a punch-hole selfie shooter. When you are done, you can easily fold it with one hand. Hanging up on a call and flipping the phone shut gives a satisfying click. The Flip comes with 5G data and either 128GB or 256GB of storage.

The Korean company has improved its screen technology to a speedy 120hz display – faster than an iPhone. You can also use its large screen size to multi-task apps, such as bringing up WhatsApps while watching a video.

What is also an improvement on its older models is its larger Cover Screen. This secondary screen comes in handy when the phone is folded. It shows notifications and the time, but is now substantially larger, meaning it can show widgets such as calendars, notifications and music.

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