ADVERTORIAL: Rom Raviv, founder of Podblade, on the future of podcasting

The perception of podcasting has dramatically changed over the years, from thinking it was just like radio to embracing the different styles and versatility of podcasts.

It has become a much sought-after content medium. Rom Raviv, founder of whitelabel editing agency, Podblade, has a unique approach to podcasting and has grown with the popularity of the medium.

Having worked in the industry since he was 18, interviewing various entrepreneurs and now, as an entrepreneur himself he is keen to revolutionise the podcast world and bring new opportunities to businesses.

Why have podcasts grown so much in popularity?

Rom Raviv said: “Podcasts spent a long time stuck in a slow state of growth, but once they broke out of their cocoon, they revolutionised audio content consumption in the world.

“Podcasts have now become an information source that is familiar and feels closer to audiences than radio. It is also a source of entertainment, engagement, education, and companionship. Podcasts have grown exponentially because they are a friendly reminder that we are not alone.”

Raviv’s own podcasting experiences, both as a host and through his agency, have helped him navigate the growing industry and secure a spot for himself.

The creative revolution has chosen content formats that are more favourable to modern audiences. For a long time, audio content was thought to be disappearing due to the immense growth of video content. However, Raviv believes that there is still space for audio content to grow and complement video content.

What opportunities are there for businesses?

Raviv says the podcasting space is ripe with opportunity. With innovations in speech recognition and smart speakers, the podcasting landscape is gaining momentum.

The past year has seen many businesses embracing podcasting and others using it as a business. And with an ever-increasing listener base, there are more opportunities to grow.

How can podcasts be successful?

To gain an advantage over a saturated industry, Raviv says that creating a unique angle will be essential to thrive.

Big companies have begun to set their eyes on the industry. Raviv believes that the entrance of big brands in podcasting will revolutionise the space, changing the landscape and definitely favouring those who took the first steps. Video streaming video and audio content has hugely increased, which places podcasts at the top of the list of content formats that audiences will be consuming.

“The future of podcasting is bright,” says Raviv, “And the prominence of this industry is only getting started. The next couple of formative years for podcasting will go a long way to change the industry’s landscape. With big players like Amazon joining the space, podcasting is about to become much more significant.”

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