Cabinet reshuffle 2021 LIVE: Dominic Raab demoted & replaced by Liz Truss as Williamson is AXED – but Gove survives


The amount of time the PM was in closed-door discussions with Dominic Raab has made everyone think the meeting was less than cordial.

And after the chaos of the UK’s withdrawal from Afghanistan (overseen by Raab), there was plenty speculation that he was on the way out.

Allies of the Foreign Sec said he was “aggrieved” for being blamed for the mess of the exit from Kabul, and appeared to have “spent some time getting things off his chest” during their tense one-on-one.

The PM will always have a soft spot for him after he filled in him when he was ill in hospital with Covid.

But he has now been moved to be Secretary of State for Justice – a clear demotion.

And he’s managed to bag a sweetener too – an official title as deputy PM.

Some will say it’s a figurehead role with no power, and that he was already ‘defacto’ deputy-PM anyway.

It’s still a role that hasn’t been filled since Nick Clegg under the coalition, and comes with an impressive sounding name.

But after what we can presume was a tense hour or so of talks, are the pair even on the same page anymore?

Whitehall insiders said they clashed on “almost every major foreign policy issue going”

Dominic Raab going into No10 today
Dominic Raab going into No10 todayCredit: AFP

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